Mold license chart

All persons performing mold assessments and mold remediation in Texas, if not exempt under the Texas Mold Assessment and Remediation Rules, are required to be licensed or registered. Following is a summary of the purpose and requirements of each. Applicants can obtain a complete copy of the rules and application forms from the website of the Mold Licensing Program of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations or by calling 1-800-803-9202.

WINTER EMERGENCY DECLARATION INFORMATION:  Due to the 2021 winter storm, TDLR has issued their response.  Please CLICK HERE for more information.  This emergency declaration is currently through April 17, 2021.
Education Experience Employment St. Exam Insurance
Mold Assessment Technician To perform mold inspection work for an initial or post-remediation assessment 150.00 Mold Assessment Technician or 24hrs of approved instruction* N N N Y Y
Mold Assessment Consultant To plan and conduct surverys, prepare assessment reports and mgt. plans, prepare remediation protocols, evaluate remediation projects. 500.00 Mold Assessment Consultant or 40 hrs of approved instruction* Y Y/N N Y Y
Mold Remediation Worker (registration) To perform mold remediation 50.00 Mold Remediation Worker (4hrs) N N Y N N
Mold Remediation Contractor To perform mold remediation and supervisor workers, and prepare a mold remediation work plan 450.00 Mold Remediation Contractor (40hrs) Y Y N Y Y
Mold Remediation Company To employ one or more Mold Remediation workers or contractors 850.00   N N N N Y
Mold Analysis Laboratory To analyze samples to determine presence, identity or amount of mold present 750.00 (must meet specified laboratory and personnel accreditations) Y