About Us: History


GEBCO Associates was founded in 1987, initially to serve the asbestos industry through a labor pool of trained asbestos workers. 1987 was also the year the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency launched their accreditation program for all asbestos personnel. GEBCO's asbestos worker training was the first to be approved in Texas under the EPA Model Accreditation Plan. By 1988, GEBCO was a fully-approved EPA Training Provider for asbestos workers, contractors, supervisors, inspectors and management planners...and was solidly established in the exclusive work of providing environmental training.

In 1989, courses in Hazardous Waste Operation (HAZWOPER) were added, following the curriculum requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's regulation, 1910.120.

Also in 1989, GEBCO entered into agreement with the Center for Continuing Education of the University of North Texas, establishing an affiliation. It provides for a UNT faculty member to guest lecture in our asbestos courses. Until 2002, Dr. Russ Pinizzotto from their Center for Materials Characterization served in this capacity. In 2003, Dr. Richard Reidy with their Materials Science Department assumed this role.

Texas' licensing requirements for asbestos personnel were established in 1993, and GEBCO immediately became a licensed Training Provider in all asbestos disciplines under the Texas Asbestos Health Protection Rules of the Texas Department of Health (now known as the Texas Department of State Health Services).

In June of 1996, GEBCO became the third training provider accredited under the new Texas Environmental Lead Reduction Rules, and now provides all courses required for certification under that regulation.

In December of 2004, GEBCO was the first training provider to be approved to provide all initial mold training courses under the Texas Mold Assessment and Remediation Rules.

In July of 2005, GEBCO initiated its "Giving Back" program, a company effort to respond to the international campaign being made to eliminate extreme poverty throughout the world. We do this in appreciation for the success we have enjoyed and in recognition of our responsibility to share our resources with those in need.


GEBCO moved October 1, 2012, to a new facility in Hurst, minutes from DFW Airport. Our new address is 815 Trailwood Dr, Suite 200, Hurst, TX 76053. Click here for detailed Driving Directions.
GEBCO primarily serves Texas and neighboring states, though some students come from all parts of the country. On-site courses for groups can be provided at any location through special arrangements.

Patron Comments

Over 97% of our students have given us a good or better rating on our class evaluations. Here are some of the kinder remarks from the more than 10,000 who have attended:
"This is the most professional training organization I have ever encountered."

"I have attended many different types of seminars and schools. I learned more these past 4 days than I ever learned in other classes."

"Well presented!"

"I was very happy that I chose GEBCO for training in asbestos."

"One of the best courses I have attended."

"I learned more information in 32 hours than I have at other environmental courses that I have taken in the past seven years."

"I thought I knew a lot about asbestos until I attended your inspector/management planner course."

"Great class!"

"The course was handled very well. The field trip was excellent and very useful."

"Would return for future training."

"You guys do a great job."
"All in all a very fine training program."

"After having received training from three different companies, I feel that GEBCO has offered the superior course."

"Excellent speakers from all phases of asbestos abatement."

"Over the past 5 years of taking courses and refreshers, this was the most interesting and enjoyable class."

"I appreciate your work ethics as portrayed in class."

"I leave with a lasting impression of a very delightful experience. I plan to attend many more courses through GEBCO and I strongly recommend to others interested in this field to utilize your company."

"Course was very good and instructors did a good job of communicating and teaching the information."

"Great learning experience."

"You do a good job of keeping on top of the regulatory changes."

"I recommend the course. It was well instructed, informative and timely."

"I really enjoyed the class and instructors. Excellent course."
"You guys sure beat the hell out of the universities."

"Compared to other courses I have taken at other facilities, all of your materials and speakers are very good and highly informative."

"Your facility is excellent and I enjoyed the seminar."

"Of all the regulated courses I have taken in my career, I believe this one was the most informative."

"A good combination of outside speakers."

"You guys put on a first-class operation. I really couldn't make much if any improvement on your system. It was enjoyable and informative and I would recommend it to anyone."

"Made a potentially complicated presentation surprisingly understandable."

"Excellent course!"

"The class and instructors were very informative."

"Speakers exhibited great personal attention."

"This is a great place. Keep up the good work."